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Daily Exam Giving


Alhamdulillah, outcomes are with Allah swt. Our job is to prepare as best we can and then place our Faith in the Most Wise to decide the best course for our future.
So, whether it is the exhiliration of passing with flying colours or the sadness of failing every paper, we keep our faith in Allah swt.

Apart from following a solid revision plan there are many deeds we can perform to help us succeed.

1. Give charity. Sadaqah averts calamities, draws near the help of Allah and strengthens ones faith.

2. Read Salawaat upon the Messenger upon him be peace. The benefits of this are just too many to count. The least of them is that it increases your power of recollection. So it would be a good idea read Salawaat (silently) if you are stuck on a question.

3. Constantly remind your parents to pray for you. Dua is a formidable tool however, no dua is more accepted than the pray of a parent for their child.

You can setup daily auto giving of a minimum of £1 Sadaqah.

May Allah swt help our children succeed in the life of this World and the Next.

(Donotion amount for £1-£3.00 includes the Payment processing fee unless

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