Who we are? How did it all begin?

Who are we?

Save Our World is an international aid and development charity providing humanitarian support dealing with the crisis through natural disasters, famine or war, wherever that may arise.

providing relief. delivering aid. empowering communities

2012, the beginning

Created in 2012, Preston to Places, Preston2Syria is founded in Preston by a group of dedicated volunteers anxious to devote time to help the poor and needy. Some members of the founding team have many years of experience in humanitarian aid.

Two members of the team are invited to monitor and evaluate Syria Relief’s projects. After a successful tour to the borders of Turkey & Syria, founders agree to support the Syrian people.

Volunteers raise £6453.42 to help Syrian families during the winter season. Warm blankets are distributed by Syria Relief on behalf of P2S.

After a successful charity dinner in November 2013, £165,000 raised, P2S partnered with Syria Relief and Tauheedul Relief. Preston school in Kafr Nouran (Syria) renovated and 350 children return back to education. Project is named “Educate a child, educate a nation”.

Feedback event ‘Will you stand together’ #withsyria held in March 2014. Opportunity for donors to hear feedback from Syria Relief on ‘Educate a child, educate a nation’ project.   

#bread4syria campaign is launched. P2S founders pledge

Psychological support is introduced at Kafr Nouran school. Another member of the P2S team is invited to evaluate projects in and around the border of Syria. Syrian children send letters to the children of Preston.

#Preston4Syria campaign is launched to feed 100 families inside Syria during the month of Ramadhan.

Preston launch Prosthetic limb project

Emergency Syria Winter campaign launched collecting trainers, shoes and boots

Shoebox appeal is launched, container load is sent for Syrian children

Top surgeon Dr David Nott attends Charity Dinner February 2015. Further updates and campaign feedback.

Container leaves Preston to Syria

Eid Gift Shoebox Appeal 2015 is launched

P2S partner with Lifeline

Rucksack appeal September 2015 is launched for Syrian refugees in Greece

Volunteers head to Greece/Macedonian border

Preston Syria winter conference organised 24th October 2015

Preston Syria Winter appeal launched with One Nation

2016 the middle

Containers leave from Preston 2 Syria

2017 the end

Save Our World is founded by volunteers

Volunteers working tirelessly to formalise the charity

Volunteers head to Rohingya to assist refugees

2018 a new era

Volunteers working hard on website, logistics and paperwork

Community Charity Event organised March 17th 2018